Anxiety and Work-Related Stress

We all need a certain amount of stress to live our daily lives, however, when this stress becomes unmanageable we need to do something about it. If you are suffering from sleeping badly or palpitations, panic attacks or constant worry then you may be experiencing a period of anxiety.

Finding The Causes Of Your Anxiety

Talking through these worries can help dramatically. It can help you find out what is at the root of these anxious feelings. Anxiety is often a reaction to underlying issues which may have been around for a long time. Once this distress is discovered and explored it is then possible to change the patterns of your behaviour so that you can choose to respond in a more healthy way in the future.

Work-Related Stress is an increasingly common reason for people to seek counselling. I have considerable experience of working with clients who are finding their work situation challenging. Together we can look at what is really going on for you at work in an objective way. We can then seek out alternative ways you can manage the situation.

I can also help you to explore your work life balance and think about other possibilities of working and living if this is something you are interested in.