Relationships, Separation and Divorce

Relationships are hard work. When they are working well they are wonderful but when things get difficult they can feel overwhelming and it can become impossible to concentrate on anything else.

Good communication is the key to all relationships.

Counselling can help you get perspective on what’s going on between you and your partner. Once we have worked out what’s happening we can look at ways of tackling the issues by finding more healthy ways for you to communicate with your partner and find your way back to a successful relationship.

However, you may have decided that your relationship is too damaged to reconcile. You may need support to get through a difficult separation or divorce. Counselling offers an empathetic space for you to share your frustration, anger and sadness when your relationship breaks down, a private place to grieve what you have lost and a supportive atmosphere to help you work out where you go from here and what you want to do next.